The Problem:

  1. Your 10- to 18-year-olds need “hang time” away from their (or their peers’) younger siblings.
  2. But your t(w)een is your baby-sitter, which leaves you chasing after your little ones instead of socializing with the other moms because you're worried sick that your little ones may destroy the host facility.

And even when host facility property damage isn’t a concern, you’re frustrated by the typical “teen hangouts” that so often devolve into cliques staring at screens. (Not to mention that some of those screens may be completely unrestricted!)

  1. And…if you could be really picky…you wish that the tweens (10-12) and the teens (13-18) could be separated while still meeting on the same day at the same time and place.

The Solution: The Mid-Tuckessee T-n-T Historical Conquest League!

  1. An engaging educational game that is quickly and easily learned and enjoyed by virtually any t(w)een.
  2. We meet in the story-time room at Stokes Brown Public Library in Springfield, Tennessee. The story-time room is a separate windowed room within the enclosed children’s area, which – as the name implies – is specifically designed for children from birth through roughly twelve years of age.
  3. We have a screen-free policy. Your t(w)een(s) will be having so much fun, we doubt they’ll even miss their mobile devices.
  4. With a minimum of two students in each age category, we have dedicated tween tables and dedicated teen tables.

Christian Home Education Support System (CHESS) sponsors Historical Conquest at Stokes Brown Public Library every second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Friday of the months of September through April* from 1:00pm until 3:00pm in the story-time room (inside the children's section at the back of the first floor).

Every second (2nd) Friday is casual play, and every fourth (4th) Friday is tournament play.

Request to join our private Facebook group!

*with a break in December and January

What is "Historical Conquest"?

Only the most engaging history game (and most effective history lesson) EVER!

If your t(w)een has ever dabbled in a strategic trading card game like "Magic the Gathering", Historical Conquest will soon be second nature . . . and at least as much fun.

Each card presents a real-life person or group of people, a place, a document, an invention, a concept, or an event, and the card's abilities are directly related to the impact that the person or group of people, place, document, invention, concept, or event had on history.

Imagine Abraham Lincoln leading the Red Army in battle against the Mongols. In "Historical Conquest", it could happen -- and it may never happen again.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million, right? So how about a tutorial from the creator?

We have successfully taught this game to a group of several third- through fifth-graders who were then playing mostly unassisted after a single one-hour co-op class.

Who is "CHESS" and how do they fit into this?

"CHESS" stands for "Christian Home Education Support System". We are a local 501(c)(3) volunteer homeschool enrichment co-op.

One benefit of membership in CHESS is that each member 10+ years of age receives one (1) FREE starter deck of his/her choice.

Non-member attendees of these bi-monthly sponsored events at Stokes Brown Public Library may borrow a limited number of loaner cards and play mats on a first-come first-served basis that must be returned before they leave.*

If you wish to purchase your own cards and/or play mats, CHESS also offers discounts!

CHESS also provides a prize to the winner of each monthly tournament.

*These loaner cards are the personal property of one of our CHESS families. As such, to prevent the possibility of damage, we require that these cards remain in their protective sleeves at all times and that there be no food or beverages on the table(s) during play. Thank you!

But my family aren't members of CHESS...

No problem!

Think of our sponsorship like an announcement during a television show:

"This program has been brought to you by Pepsi."

Just as you wouldn't need to pour your Coca-Cola down the drain and run to the store to purchase Pepsi or else change channels or turn off the TV, neither must you belong to our co-op nor even sign our co-op's statement of faith.

While ours is a Christian co-op, we will NOT be teaching religion nor using this as an opportunity to proselytize.

It's simply a way of letting everyone know that these events (including insurance coverage, volunteers, loaner materials, discounts, and prizes) are being made possible thanks to CHESS -- and of satisfying the stipulations of our insurance provider to extend our co-op's coverage to these events.

If you are interested in joining our organization, we invite you to submit an interest form. We will then contact you to arrange a family interview.

What else should I know?

This recurring bi-monthly event was inspired by our observations that homeschool meet-ups for this age range have typically been best attended whenever there was a planned event of educational value. At the same time, the coordinators were faced with the challenge of finding something that would:

  • require little to no extra planning.
  • be flexible enough to accommodate varying numbers of student attendees from session to session.
  • be well-suited to our allocated meeting space.
  • allow a parent with little to no knowledge of the details to fill in for a coordinator in the event of illness or emergency.
  • be free of charge for attendees.
  • be something that t(w)eens would look forward to with anticipation!

Our previous experiences have led us to believe that this game meets ALL of these criteria . . . under the right circumstances.

In order to ensure an environment conducive to this game, we require all student attendees and their parent(s) to agree to the policies set forth in the form linked here.