This recurring twice-monthly event was inspired by our observations that attendance at homeschool meet-ups for this age range have typically been best attended whenever there was a planned event of educational value. At the same time, the coordinators were faced with the challenge of finding something that would:

  • require little to no extra planning.
  • be flexible enough to accommodate varying numbers of student attendees from session to session.
  • be well-suited to our allocated meeting space.
  • allow a parent with little to no knowledge of the details to fill in for a coordinator in the event of illness or emergency.
  • be free of charge for attendees.
  • be something that t(w)eens would look forward to with anticipation!

Our previous experiences have led us to believe that this game meets ALL of these criteria . . . under the right circumstances.

In order to ensure an environment conducive to this game, we require all student attendees and their parent(s) to agree to the policies set forth in the form below.